8 Tips to Write an Awesome Explainer Video

This week I wrote a script for an explanation video. These 8 tips from Column Five’s blog were a great guide to communicate the messages in a well-structured and clear way. Even though explainer videos have become almost hackneyed, they are very valuable for companies and viewers. Because they are able to transport complex information […]

Content Styleguide – A perfect Example

Every website, every blog and every professionally maintained social media profile needs a content style guide. A style guide regulates, as the name suggests, the style of how to do something. This is useful because the guide is operationally at your side. He is the tactic that complements the content strategy. Content Styleguide of “A […]

The ultimate Typography Guide. Or: How to turn into a Design Snob

I’m not really that deep in design. Although I define myself as a full-stack marketer, my specialized skills are clearly in strategy, conception, text and the digital realization of the whole – even as photo or video. And even if I have a good eye and some taste: Good designers then deliver the certain something […]